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Lets start here. Find your perfect home.

You aren't just looking for a house. You are looking for a home.

I understand. Let me help you along the way.

For Buyers

Buying a new home is such an enormous venture. It can be easy and pleasurable or it can be a huge pain. The most you can do to make the process easier is to arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge makes even the occasional unexpected snags easier to handle.

For Sellers

So, you’re thinking of selling your home. Maybe you’re downsizing, maybe you’ve been transferred or maybe your family is growing and you simply need more space. Regardless of the reason, there are lots of little details that need to be handled.

My Home's Value

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home’s value is exactly what you want it to be? But, we don’t get to choose what our homes are worth, the market does. Your home is worth what the market will bring. In a seller’s market, that amount can sometimes be a pleasant surprise. But in a buyer’s market, most of us tend to over-value our homes.

Don't take my word for it, take theirs

I can help you with your real estate needs, just listen to a few of my good friends I helped.
About Me

About Me

I am a southern girl born and raised. After graduating from Auburn University, I spent the next twenty years of my life traveling the country and world with my Air Force pilot husband. My husband and I recently settled in Rock Hill, SC, where I launched my real estate career with Rinehart Realty. I bring with me an extensive background of leadership, sales, team building and volunteer experiences from the for-profit and non-profit world.

I love spending time with my family. I am a talented decorative artist and enjoy crafting beautiful DIY objects for my home. My husband of 35 years and I also enjoy golf, fly-fishing and traveling.

I am devoted to providing my clients with the upmost professionalism, integrity and loyalty. I will work hard to ensure that every client receives the best experience possible. No one will work harder. Because I know that you are buying or selling more than just your house, you are buying or selling your home.

Donna Soileau

Rinehart Realty

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