What’s My Home Worth?

What’s Your Home Worth?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home’s value is exactly what you want it to be?  But, we don’t get to choose what our homes are worth, the market does. Your home is worth what the market will bring.  In a seller’s market, that amount can sometimes be a pleasant surprise.  But in a buyer’s market, most of us tend to over-value our homes.  It’s always best to have a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) done by a qualified Realtor® – that’s me! I will use a local Multiple Listings Service (MLS) database to select “comparable” properties recently sold in or around your neighborhood.  By comparing the sold properties’ “price/square foot” and making adjustments for your home, I’ll be able to give you a range of value for your home.  And it’s free!  Just submit the form below and I will contact you very shortly.  I’ll also send you a copy of the quarterly report of housing activity and price levels!


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