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The weather in Rock Hill has been incredible lately.  This is the mildest February I can ever remember.  Spring has already sprung complete with pollen and allergy symptoms galore.  It is so nice to see (in between sneezes) the pink peach blossoms and the blooming yellow forsythia.  So after a long week at work, that wasn’t over yet and a beautiful day, Ken and I took some time off together to enjoy the afternoon.  And I want to share with you a little trip we made.



Now many of you already know this, but some may not.  Ken rides an Indian Springfield.  It’s a gorgeous motorcycle and when I can, I climb on the back and ride with him.  Of course, I prefer to ride my own and I have my license.  But, I don’t have my own motorcycle….yet.

So, yesterday afternoon we took off in a southern direction and found ourselves at Landsford Canal State Park.  This park is located in Chester and Lancaster Counties, just 2 miles from US 21 and only 30 minutes or so from Rock Hill.  By the way, South Carolina has a great state park system.  Ken and I have visited most of them, have rv’d at many of them and can honestly say we’ve enjoyed every single one we visited.  Anyway, back to my story.


Landsford Canal State Park is located on the Catawba River.  It boasts the world’s largest population of Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies that bloom from May to mid-June.  Of course this year they’ll probably bloom early like everything else!  I fully intend to go back when they are in bloom and I’ll be sure to post pictures, but yesterday we saw the remains of the canal itself.  It is so cool, you must go visit.


A series of canals were built and completed in 1823 paralleling a 2 mile stretch of the Catawba River.  This part of the Catawba drops 34 feet so this inland navigation system bypassed the rapids and allowed goods to be transported to and from the coast and the upcountry.  It was used for 15 years until the railroad made it obsolete.  What was most interesting to me was how narrow the canal was.  I’m certain a decent long jumper could have easily cleared it.  

landsford-canal Those boats had to have been pretty skinny!


Landsford Canal State Park is great place to picnic, hike, kayak and sight see.  You can visit the former lock keepers house, which is now a museum or just relax by the riverside with a fishing pole (don’t forget your fishing license).  Like all other South Carolina State Parks that Ken and I have discovered, this one did not disappoint.  So, what are you waiting for?  Pick one of these springlike February days and go visit it!



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